5 Special Wedding Touches to Make Your Guests Feel Loved

Special Wedding Touches to Make Your Guests Feel Loved and Appreciated 2

As much as the wedding is about two people coming together, it’s a celebration bringing your nearest and dearest in the same room and it’s only natural to want to make sure your wedding guests feel loved and appreciated.

Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money in making this happen, the key is to focus on what really matters. Think about the times you’ve been to a wedding and how those little things made you feel. Whilst the extravagant centrepiece or gorgeous floral arch makes a wedding look absolutely amazing, it’s hardly ever what made you feel special as a wedding guest.

So, how do you make your wedding guests feel loved? A few small but special wedding touches can make a huge difference in creating a lovely experience for your guests.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1, Get Your Wedding Guest’s Names Right

If we get a dollar every time we hear a guest’s name has been spelt wrong at a wedding, we’d be rich! Whether it’s their first or last name, just double and triple check it on their RSVPs or social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

We understand that wedding planning can get a bit stressful but please for the love of “stationery”, make sure you spell your wedding guest’s name correctly. There’s nothing worse than trying to find your name on the seating chart to only find that you’ve been there all along but in a different form…

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
–Dale Carnegie.

2, Feed Your Wedding Guests

It’s always better to have more food than not. No one wants to go hungry (or hangry) during the day, especially when your wedding guests have to travel between venues in a country town.

Special Wedding Touches to Make Your Guests Feel Loved and Appreciated

If you’ve got a small budget or don’t want to do canapé in general, why not think outside the box for something fun and creative?

Here are some food ideas for your wedding guests:

  • For them to take on the road: provide snack packs and a bottled water for your guests, preferably in a box or some sort
  • For those who need to stand around: offer a grazing table for them to enjoy while waiting for the next session
  • For the guests waiting in the cold: bring them a muffin or scone with a hot cup of coffee to keep them nice and warm

All you need is a few snacks that are easy to eat with some drinks that will last them till the reception. When the gap between your ceremony and reception is long, it can get a bit restless for your wedding guests so having delicious food for them will keep them occupied and happy!

3, Include Them in Your Wedding Speech

Whilst no one wants to sit there and listen to speeches all night, you can include your wedding guests in your speech in some creative ways.

Maybe you can make mention of each table in how you guys know each other. You don’t have to mention every single person’s names but what you can do is say thank you to those work friends that helped you through a tough year or your cousins who encouraged you to go on that date. Any way to make it fun yet heartwarming for your wedding guests to feel appreciated!

Now we’d suggest to keep your inside jokes to the minimum since other wedding guests may zone out if they feel like they can join in. However, anything that makes your wedding guests have a giggle is always a YES PLEASE from us!

4. Include Photos of Your Guests in Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Ever wonder how you can make your guests feel special and loved with your wedding thank you cards?

Whether it be a photo of them dancing or a lovely group photo, people love seeing photos of themselves. You might not be photogenic but let’s be honest the first person you look at after a photo has been taken is YOU!

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

Wedding Photographer: Matthew Mead Photography.

Although the size of their head might be tiny in the photos but trust us, they still love searching for themselves! This especially makes it fun for your wedding guests!

5, Write A Personal Wedding Thank You Message

Continuing with the special touches with your wedding thank you cards… Nothing beats a beautiful wedding thank you message written by you and your spouse! It’s the sense of personal touch that perfectly wraps up the happiest day! In your personal message, you can thank them for taking the time to come and celebrate with you. Of course if they’ve given you a wedding gift, don’t forget to thank them for their nice gesture.

Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

If they’ve contributed to your wedding in any way, shape or form, there’s more reasons to send them a wedding thank you card. It’s definitely a great way to show gratitude for the people in your life 🙂 Yes, that’s right! We’re talking wedding vendors as well! We’re seeing more brides sending wedding thank you cards to their vendors to thank them for making their special day possible! Not only is it a lovely gesture, your wedding vendors actually really LOVE seeing how your wedding went. We know we do!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on ways to make your wedding guests to feel loved and appreciated! Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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Wedding Photography: Matthew Mead Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

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