3 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Loved

Ever wonder how you can make your guests feel loved with your wedding thank you cards?

If you are reading this blog post, we love that whilst it was your wedding day, you are determined to make it special for every single one of your guests as well!

Well let’s get to it.. we wanted to share how our bride Nae did just that!

Here are 3 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Loved:

1. Include Photos of Your Guests in Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Whether it be a photo of them dancing or a lovely group photo, people love seeing photos of themselves. You might not be photogenic but let’s be honest the first person you look at after a photo has been taken is YOU!

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

Although the size of their head might be tiny in the photos but trust me, they still love searching for themselves! This especially makes it fun for your guests!

2. Send Photos that were Taken By the Wedding Photographer

Why? Because it’s a lovely surprise for your guests to see photos that haven’t already been on social media! It makes it extra special + the quality is MUCH better! Although we do love seeing those funny photos taken by Uncle David that are a bit too blurry!

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

Matthew Mead Photography Northern Beaches Weddings Renee and Jimmy

I absolutely adore these 2 shots taken by Matthew Mead Photography. They are seriously SO breathtaking! I think every couple should have this kind of photos done on their wedding day so they can keep for themselves. What a lovely way to be able to relive your special day in a few years to come!

Hint hint, Nae and Jimmy used these photos in their thank you card which you will be able to see at the end of this post! Eeeeeek I’m so excited to show you guys! 🙂 But keep reading for the 3rd point!

3. Write A Personal Thank You Message

Nothing beats a beautiful thank you message written by you and your hubby! It’s the sense of personal touch that perfectly wraps up the happiest day! Thank them for taking the time to come & celebrate with you. Thank them for the wedding gift.

If they gave you a wedding gift, more a reason to send them a thank you card. It’s definitely a great way to show gratitude for the people in your life 🙂

Last but not least, we are seeing more brides like to send thank you cards to their vendors as well to thank them for making their special day possible! Not only is it a lovely gesture, they really love seeing how your wedding went. I know I do!

Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Hey bride, what did you think about the idea of including a photo of the guests on your thank you card?

If you love the wedding thank you cards in this blog post and want them done for you, we would love to help you. CLICK HERE for more info now!

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Wedding Photography: Matthew Mead Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

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