3 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Photo Wedding Invitation Instead

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Just got your engagement photos done? Bet you they are so freaking amazing! And now you’re thinking to yourself.. Surely there are ways you can use them other than just having them sitting in your photo album. We’ve got you covered with some photo wedding invitation ideas and why you should totally go for them!

A lot of couples take engagement photos because it is the “engaged” thing to do!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of dressing up, having fun and getting photos taken as a couple..

However what do you do with all those photos after the engagement session?

Surely you can do more than just putting them in a frame or an album..

What do you say we use your engagement photos to create your wedding invitation?

Yes please!

3 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Photo Wedding Invitation Instead:

1. Add A Personal Touch

“I feel like a photo adds more of a personal feel, especially since we were doing a more simple beach style wedding with only close friends and family.” -Alexa

Wedding Invitations Sydney Photo Wedding Invites Evermotion Photography
Engagement Photography: Evermotion Photography

Photo wedding invitations are a lot more personal and one of a kind.

It’s like “inviting your friends face to face”, Bali bride Stefie says.

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Engagement Photography: Hannah Faye Photography

This is especially true for couples who are inviting their friends from overseas!

It no doubt brings a smile to your guest’s face when they first open your wedding invitation.. There is more personalities in a photo wedding invitation because your photos reflect more of you two as a couple.

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2. Get Your Guests Excited About Your Big Day

I imagine you want your guests to be as excited about your wedding as you are! Trust me, they are more excited seeing both of your faces than pretty flowers and fancy fonts.

P.S. Nothing wrong with the above things because I’m a sucker for them too!

“I have had nothing but positive responses regarding my photo wedding invites. People stated that knowing the type of people we are that best captured that.” -Lisa

Wedding Invitations Sydney Photo Wedding Invites Melbourne

Engagement Photography: Jessica Noelle Photography

“I loved the idea of something personal, something that felt like us I guess. We aren’t really formal/fancy people and this felt right. 

I made the decision to go this route but my husband loved the idea as well. We had nothing but positive comments, people actually didn’t want to send the rsvp cards back because they wanted them to keep and put on their refrigerators :)” -Erin

That’s definitely a good problem to have when your guests don’t want to send your RSVP card back because they want to keep it themselves lol

Your engagement photos give your guests a glimpse of what your wedding will be like.

If you are a fun and adventurous couple, make sure your photographer capture that!

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3. Stay Out of the Bin

Photo Wedding Invitations Sydney Wedding Invites Gibby Photography Studios
Engagement Photography: Gibby Photography Studios

Despite the fact that most invitations go straight to the bin, so many of our brides have told us that their guests still have their photo wedding invitations on their fridge YEARS LATER!

“Everyone loved the invites and said the elegant simplicity fit my husband and I perfectly. Some even still have them hanging on the fridge!” -Alexa

How amazing is that!?

Just think about all the time, effort and money you’ve spent on them, I’m guessing you would want your wedding invitations to last for a long time, right?

Imagine a photo wedding invitation that makes your guests’ day and it’s something they actually want to keep forever!

Minimalistic Wedding Invitations Modern Simple Wedding Invites For the Love of Stationery David Saltiel Photography

Engagement Photography: David Saltiel

Wedding Invitations with Photos Engagement Announcement For the Love of Stationery By Danny Photography (1)

Proposal Photography: By Danny Photography

Love Robert and Kelly’s photo wedding invitation! It’s so lovely to share your proposal photos with your friends and family, especially if it was only between you two at the time! Such special moments that will last a long time. 


What did you think about the idea of turning your engagement photo into a wedding invitation?

Hope these photo wedding invitation ideas were helpful to you. Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂 x

By the way, if you love the photo wedding invitations in this blog post and want them done for you, we would love to help you. CLICK HERE for more info now!

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