4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands

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Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands Best Ring Tips and Tricks

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a million things to consider. From the cake flavors and flower arrangements to location and attire, choosing important details can be overwhelming. In fact, when you start talking about rings, one of the most important elements of your wedding ceremony, it can often get left by the wayside. Choosing something as simple as wedding bands could mean the difference between an elegant and comfortable marriage celebration or one that’s uncomfortable and unappealing.

To ensure that both you and your future spouse will feel great while wearing these bands for years to come, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Style of Band: Do you want wide or thin? Shiny or matte? Metal color?

In the past, a wedding band and a wedding ring referred to two different types of jewelry. The wedding band was once a simple piece of jewelry that had very few, if any, adornments. A wedding ring usually referred to a ring that incorporated diamonds or other gems. It was much more ornate than a band. Now, both terms are used interchangeably. From classic gold to ultra-modern titanium, jewelry specialists from the Blue Nile suggest that there are endless possibilities when it comes to band choices.

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When looking for wedding bands, you have a world of options. You should consider a style that fits your and your spouse’s personalities and lifestyle best. For example, if you enjoy doing outdoor activities, you may not want to choose a ring with stone inlays or too much metal detailing because they can get caught on clothing or equipment while working in the woods.

It’s also important to consider the type of climate in which you’ll be spending most of your time after marriage before choosing your metals. While titanium is scratch-resistant, it is more prone to corrosion than stainless steel. On the other hand, stainless steel scratches easily but won’t rust or corrode.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands Best Ring Tips and Tricks 2

Comfort: Will you wear your band every day?

If comfort is a concern for you, there are several things to consider when choosing your wedding bands.

For example, if moving around a lot during the day and showering multiple times per day is common for you it may be worth looking into high-end metals such as titanium or tungsten carbide because they are super sturdy and will last the test of time. However, this means that these metals tend to be heavier than their counterparts so it’s important to consider whether or not this weight would be something you can deal with over time.

It should also be mentioned that the width and thickness of each person’s fingers vary greatly. The best thing to do is find a couple of different metal types and widths to try on until you find the one that’s most comfortable for your specific hand.

Metal Toxicity: What kind of metal are you getting?

If comfort isn’t an issue, finding out about the toxicity levels of various metals can be very important. While stainless steel is generally considered safe, many other metals aren’t as benign. Lead, cadmium, cobalt, beryllium, and palladium are all commonly found in wedding rings, but the rates vary based on price (the more expensive the ring was, the less likely it contained any heavy metals). If this information is important to you then often companies will put the rates on tags that come with your wedding bands or you can do a brief internet search for “Wedding ring metals” to get the information you need.

Also, you need to consider if one or both of you have metal hypersensitivity. Nickel is one of the most common allergens that cause significant local contact dermatitis (skin reddening and itching). Cobalt, copper, titanium, and chromium can also cause hypersensitivities.

Style of Rings: Does this band match my engagement ring?

Even if you’re not concerned with metal toxicity, it’s important to think about how your wedding bands will go with your engagement ring because they are usually worn together. It’s best to have both rings be made from the same metal type so there is no one element that makes them stand out more than others.

For example, if your engagement ring has gold in it, don’t get white gold bands! If you love the idea of stacking but aren’t sure how these rings will look together, take this opportunity to try them on at stores. Ask retailers about different ring combinations so you can see how they look and feel before you make any purchases.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands Best Ring Tips and Tricks 3

By considering these four factors when choosing your wedding bands, you’ll be able to pick out rings that represent your relationship as a whole and those which fit your lifestyles perfectly.

We hope you found this blog post useful in choosing your wedding bands for the years to come. Happy wedding band shopping!

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