Still Waiting for Your Wedding Photos? 5 Things You Can Do Right Now!

How Long Do Wedding Pictures Take Turnaround Time Evermotion Photography

How Long Do Wedding Pictures Take?

You’re probably waiting for your wedding photos hence why you’re also googling what the normal wait time is for wedding photos.

The typical turnaround time for wedding photos can vary. You can expect to get your professional wedding photos back from 2 weeks to 10 weeks after your wedding day. It depends on the package you have invested, the size of the photography studio and the time of the year… 

Perhaps your wedding photographer have sent you some sneak peeks of your wedding (winning!) and it’s making the wait even harder! 

You’ve been so eager to get all your professional wedding photos back that you’ve pretty much killed the ‘refresh’ button in your email lol

Your amazing wedding photographer is probably still sorting and editing those babies for you… Try not to rush them! You probably want your wedding photos to be perfect, right?

Now because we’ve dealt with so many brides who have been in the same situation as you, we decided to put a list of things you should do while waiting for your professional wedding photos.

Why? So you can kill time now and save time later.

Ok, here we go…

5 Things You Can Do while Waiting for Your Wedding Photos:

1. Find A Thank You Card Design That You Both LOVE

thank you card wording ideas for guests who didn't attend
Wedding Photographer: Blue Media Weddings | Thank You Cards: For the Love of Stationery

A photo thank you card that suits you guys as a couple (and both of you agree on, of course!).

Perhaps a thank you card design that works perfectly with your wedding photos, whether it be for your one photo or 8 photos…

You may not have the high quality photos yet but I’m sure your photographer would have sent you some sneak peeks!

If you’re looking for any thank you cards that have a sense of personal touch, here’s a few popular designs chosen by real brides.

Beach Wedding Photo Thank You Card
Wedding Photographer: iFloyd Photography | Thank You Cards: For the Love of Stationery

Love this beach wedding thank you card!

Rustic Wedding Photo Thank You Card
Wedding Photographer: Zoe Morley Photography | Thank You Cards: For the Love of Stationery

“I like this simple style because it’s a bit different to the usual thank you cards!”, bride Lauren.

Photo Wedding Thank You Card Message Wording Ideas For the Love of Stationery

Wedding Photographer: T-One Image Photography and Video | Thank You Cards: For the Love of Stationery

2. Get Your Numbers Right

Waiting for Your Wedding Photos Melbourne Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography Vows Madeleine Chiller
Wedding photographer: Madeleine Chiller

Ok, here’s the deal…

Just because you are inviting 100 guests, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to send out 100 thank you cards.

Wait, what do you mean!?

Hopefully you learn about it after doing your invitations, if not, now you do…

The reason being is that out of the 100 guests; some are couples and families.

Before you get too excited though…

Don’t forget your guests, both attended and those who weren’t able to attend, but kindly sent gifts.

You don’t have to send everyone a thank you card but it would be a nice gesture, don’t you think?
Especially for those who weren’t able to come, it would be a lovely surprise for them to receive a thank you card from you with some photos from the day.

In that way, they still feel like they were part of your wedding day!

Wedding Thank You Card Simple Minimalistic

Wedding Photographer: Janneke Storm Photography | Thank You Cards: For the Love of Stationery

Don’t forget the people who have helped you with your special day. Yes, the wedding vendors!

A grateful heart goes a long way! These are the people who have helped making your dream wedding come true, your little thank you note will surely make their day.

We highly recommend that you get a few extra cards just in case anything happens.

The classic; The dog ate it. Ok, that’s a bit extreme but it happens! You wrote the wrong name for your brother’s new girlfriend. Oops!

Say about 5-10 extra cards, just to be safe!

If you have any spare cards, why not keep them for yourself!?

It’s the perfect keepsake. You can frame the photo and put it on your bedside table so you can relive the happiest day everyday 🙂

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3. Write Your Personal Thank You Notes

Waiting for Your Wedding Photos Wedding Photographer Brisbane QLD Kait Photography
Wedding Photographer: Kait Photography

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why thank you cards can take a little longer that usual.

The reason being that you want your thank you notes to be as personal as it can be for that special guest. It’s ok to take the time to write them because it will be so worth it at the end of the day. Your friends and family will love it and appreciate your lovely words!

“I’ve started writing on them now – taking so long haha but so worth it.”

Remember you don’t have to do all that by yourself… Don’t forget you can get your new hubby to help you!

Why not share the load!? One person works out what to write and the other actually puts the words on paper.

Now you don’t have to handwrite every single thank you card! Yes, that’s right 🙂 Phew… If you’d prefer the thank you note being pre-typed or designed, we’re more than happy to help you with that and suggest some wedding thank you wording ideas for you.
Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas

Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Inspiration

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4. Address the Envelopes

Waiting for Your Wedding Photos Wedding Photographer Janneke Storm PhotographyWedding Photographer: Janneke Storm Photography 

If you’ve got any leftover envelopes from your invitations then you can pretty much start addressing them. Pour yourself a glass of wine and make this fun for yourself (and your hubby! Get him to help you :D).

It may be a bit overwhelming looking at the wedding guest list

It’s only stressful if you make it to be. Why not put on some music to make it a relaxing thing to do on a Saturday night?

Some of you may be getting your envelopes from your thank you card vendor, you can still use this time to find out the address of your friends and family. You know, just in case any of them have moved after your last wedding invitation run! You can easily compile them in an Excel file or whatever helps you!

Guess what!?

That means you can send your thank you cards as soon as you get them in your hands! Not having everything piled up at the same time sounds like a good idea to us 😛

Waiting for Your Wedding Photos Addressed Envelopes Wedding

5. Change Your Name

We understand that not everyone are changing their names these days, especially in this modern day and age. Brides either can’t be bothered to change their names or prefer to keep their own.

But in case you do, just keep reading…

Despite being in the 21st century, many brides are excited to take their new husband’s last name but are often a bit overwhelmed with the process of name changing every single year.

We recently came across this website called Hitch Switch, an amazing service to help brides like you to easily change your name after your big day!

You can do it online in just 3 easy steps.

Yup, at the comfort of your own home, in your PJs. Need we say more?

No one likes to line up for anything anymore, right? Actually, probably ever… 

If you like the idea of changing your name in just 3 easy steps, click here to check out Hitch Switch.


There you have it, 5 things you should do while waiting for your wedding photos so you can kill time now and save you time later!

We hope it answered the questions you had about when you will get your wedding photos back from your wedding photographer or how long you should expect to wait for wedding photos…

Before we go, was that helpful for you? Can you think of anyone who might need this? Share it with her now 🙂

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