Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere | ‘Taken’ Isn’t Just An Action Movie


I love my job. I love designing wedding invitations. I love the moment when I open your lovely photo and my unmarried response goes something like, “awww… it’ll be me one day!”.

However, that’s not the case for many women in other parts of the world. It’s a very sad reality that not everyone gets the freedom to live a life they desire, let alone finding love.

I believe that every single one of us deserves to chase our dreams, whether it be landing on your dream job or finding that special someone.

Back to a few years ago when I was confronted with the fact that there are still people out there being mistreated and being sold to human trafficking. Needless to say that I was shocked and my heart has longed to do something for these people ever since!

Taken’ is not just an action movie.

The sad truth is that it’s a reality for many people in the world. Did you know that it also happens in your own backyard despite living in a first world country!?

So many heartbreaking stories we perhaps will never even hear about in this side of eternity because not everyone is lucky enough to be rescued!


The A21 Campaign aims to abolish injustice in the 21st century and they’ve been doing amazing things for the past years.

Being on the other side of the world, it’s so good to know that I can still do something to help. FINALLY!!! I can tell you all that For the Love of Stationery is partnering with The A21 Campaign and in hopes that other more fortunate women would be aware of this injustice today.

Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere.

We cannot do everything but we must do something.

Unashamed | Book by Christine Caine | The A21 Campaign

Below are some stats that gives you an idea of what our world is still facing in terms of human trafficking.

Less than 1% of human trafficking victims are ever rescued

There are more slaves today than ever before in human history

When you order your save the dates, wedding invitations, thank you cards or elopement announcements with For the Love of Stationery, a small proceed from each order goes to help funding The A21 Campaign to rescue more women from modern-day slavery.

You can help a mother/daughter/sister to be freed from human trafficking.

If you’d love to know more about A21, you can read it HERE.

More than that, you’ll find what some of the brides have to say knowing that they are making a contribution with their wedding stationery x

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Disclaimer: The featured photo was a photoshoot done by my uni friend Stephanie Edwards for her photography project. No one was harmed in the process.

Infographic design from The A21 Campaign



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