Dream Wedding at GrowWild Wildflower Farm

When I say dream wedding.. I mean DREAM WEDDING! Everything from start to finish was what a lot of girls would want for their wedding day. If anyone could pull off a dream wedding like this, [...]

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One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2017

You know those 45 degree days where all you want to do is be in the pool with a cold drink in your hand!? Well one of the hottest weekends happened to be One Fine Day Wedding [...]

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Greenery Wedding Decoration Ideas | Wedding Trends 2017

If you are not the biggest fan for bright & colourful flowers, perhaps this year's wedding trend is for you! Think luscious greenery & minimalistic decor. Yup Pantone colour of the year is Greenery so let's see [...]

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Hunter Valley Wedding at Ironbark Hill Vineyard

The moment I receive the photos from a bride, my mind can't help but immerse myself into their special day! (I know, I'm strange like that..) I guess that's how I really put my creativity [...]

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A21 Walk for Freedom Sydney Australia 2016

October 15th 2016 was a significant day for many people in the world as they decided to be a voice for the voiceless. Walk for Freedom is an initiative hosted by The A21 Campaign to make aware of [...]

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A21 Masquerade Ball

My friends & I were invited to a Masquerade Ball last night & its purpose is to fundraise for The A21 Campaign & raise awareness for the issue of modern day slavery.  It was an experience [...]

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One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2016

If you asked me a year ago about being a vendor at a wedding fair, I would have said "yes maybe in the future"! Who would have thought that the day I randomly applied (well I thought I [...]

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Beach Wedding at Long Reef Golf Club

August 3rd was beautiful Tonya & Kieran's special day! They had their beach wedding at Long Reef Golf Club, Collaroy Beach & it was a lovely drive that took just over an hour for me. When I got out [...]

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DIY Bridal Shower Gift for the Bride

Phoebe & I spent some time thinking what to get Tonya for her bridal shower. We wanted to get her something that is memorable & special. We wanted to get her something personal. We came [...]

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Who Should I Invite To My Wedding?

A few years back when 2 of my friends (in their early 20s) were getting married & they were good friends with a lot of people so they had trouble deciding who they should invite [...]

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