9 Pretty Floral Bridesmaid Dresses You Will Swoon Over

With the increase of floral dresses appearing in store lately, it looks like we will be seeing more of that in the wedding setting. Totally not complaining about it. Let's be honest.. What's not to [...]

Yay or Nay to Having a Puppy at Your Wedding?

I did a poll on my Facebook page the other day about this particular question - Yay or Nay? Would you have a pup at your wedding? The result came down to 80% YAY and [...]

3 Ways To Get Your RSVP Back For Your Wedding

When this bride was telling me how she plans to receive the RSVP for her wedding, I realised that I NEED to write a blog post about it. Her intention was good but she was making it very [...]

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Sia’s Nostalgic For The Present Tour at Allianz Stadium

How's December going for you? :) Christmas is literally 21 days away! OMG I know.. Hope your Christmas shopping is going well.. Hmm I've hardly done any, just here and there.. Haha I'm the worst [...]

The BEST Rustic Wedding Photo Thank You Cards You Have Ever Seen

After having the most beautiful rustic wedding filled with lace & twine, dolly, kraft paper on the day.. You're probably looking for wedding thank you cards that are a little bit different. Something a bit special that [...]