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Wedding Thank You Messages from Bride and Groom | What to Write in a Wedding Thank You Card


After such a dreamy day celebrating with your loved ones, many couples like you, find it hard to put everything into words to thank their friends and family. A LOT OF wonderful memories, SO MANY amazing wedding gifts later.. How can a single piece of thank you card possibly be enough to say how grateful […]

10 Wording Examples for Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Simple Wedding Thank You Card Wording Examples How To Write A Simple Thank You Message

After planning your entire wedding, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and tired. The struggle is real. You are probably here looking for wording examples for your wedding thank you cards.  You are honestly so tempted to just send them a card that says “Thank you for the lovely gift!” ending it with “Bye Felicia” as your […]

5 Thank You Card Wording Ideas for Guests Who Didn’t Attend

thank you card wording ideas for guests who didn't attend

“Are we meant to send a thank you card to guests who couldn’t make it but perhaps sent gifts..?” Well we are so glad you asked that. The answer is yes! It would be nice for your guests to receive a thank you card from you because they can have a glimpse of your wedding even though they […]

7 Wording Ideas for Your Wedding Thank You Cards

5 Wording Ideas for Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Now that your wedding is done and dusted, there is only one more thing left to do.. Oh yes the thank you cards! Are you looking for wording ideas for your wedding thank you cards? Have you been struggling with your thank you card wording? You are probably thinking – What else can I say other […]

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