Irene’s Garden Bridal Shower

I love a good garden theme party, especially if it’s at your sister’s backyard.

There is something about it that makes this bridal shower so intimate and nothing beats celebrating it with your girlfriends.

Irene's Garden Bridal Shower

Irene's Garden Bridal ShowerAs always I love my cheese and crackers 😛

More than that I love the idea of bridal showers where we get to shower the bride-to-be with gifts, love and blessings (plus creative date ideas and marriage advice lol).

I love that some practical brides have kitchen teas, where other adventurous brides like to make it more fun and have lingerie parties.

If you are practical and adventurous at the same time, I don’t see why you can’t have both 😀

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Coming from a big extended family, bingo has been our tradition during different holiday seasons (especially Christmas with 100+ gifts)! So imagine “my” excitement when they announced that we were playing Bridal Gift Bingo (now I sound like an old lady lol)!

Bingo definitely brought me back lots of beautiful memories with my cousins, uncles and aunties.

Hehe now back to the bridal shower, we had to tick off whatever we have on the bingo card according to the gifts Irene received.

Irene's Garden Bridal Shower | Kitchen Tea | Lingerie Party

It definitely made the gift opening process more fun for everyone because we get to participate in it. It was so funny because it took a long time for someone to yell “Bingo” haha so guess what Irene’s sister did?

Yup she went into her house to bring more items out lol

My favourite part of the bridal shower though, was when they had a video of Jacob doing the “How well do you know each other?” by the mother of the bride.

What a brilliant idea to actually have a video showing the groom’s answers and reactions. That was so precious!

Irene's Garden Bridal Shower | Floral Wedding Inspiration

Irene's Garden Bridal Shower | DIY Bridal Shower Gift for the Bride-to-be

Phoebe and I wanted to be creative again with Irene’s bridal shower gift.. We made her DIY lingerie pouches which I so recommend you doing if you want to make your gifts more personal!

Click here for our DIY Lingerie Pouches Tutorial.

What a great way to do it with your other girl friends too. Definitely something the bride-to-be can cherish for a long time 🙂 x

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