DIY Bridal Shower Gift for the Bride | What Do You Get a Bride for Her Bridal Shower?

diy bridal shower gift ideas for the bride

“What do you get a bride for her bridal shower?” This question was in the forefront of Phoebe and I’s mind for a few weeks thinking what to get my beloved friend Tonya for her bridal shower. We wanted to get her something that is memorable and special. You know something personal. We FINALLY came […]

Malinka and Josh’s Bollywood Themed Engagement Party

Malinka & Josh's Engagement Party | Bollywood Themed | Ben Faulkner Photography

I’ve always wanted to go to a Bollywood themed wedding. Well guess what!? Yay I finally went to one a few weeks ago!!! It was an engagement party but it literally felt like an actual wedding! I can’t imagine what the actual wedding would be like when the day comes. Everything was so extravagant with 3 […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Photo Wedding Invitation Instead

Wedding Invitations Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Evermotion Photography

Just got your engagement photos done? Bet you they are so freaking amazing! And now you’re thinking to yourself.. Surely there are ways you can use them other than just having them sitting in your photo album. We’ve got you covered with some photo wedding invitation ideas and why you should totally go for them! […]

5 Most Gorgeous Photo Wedding Invitations Online

Wedding Invitations Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia

Looking for some personalised photo wedding invitations? You will love this blog post on 5 Most Gorgeous Photo Wedding Invitations Online. You are here because you want to use your engagement photos to create a personalised wedding invitation. You are at the perfect place! Imagine a photo wedding invitation that is so filled with emotions. The […]

How To Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special?

Jessica Noelle Photography Wedding Photographer Erin and Nathan

We believe that a wedding should be significant rather than extravagant. Yes it is about two people finding each other and deciding to commit to one another for the rest of their life. It is about two families coming together and hopefully they get along with each other just fine 😛 However imagine beyond all […]

Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere | ‘Taken’ is not just an action movie


I love my job. I love designing wedding invitations. I love the moment when I open your lovely photo and my response goes something like this “awww one day that will be me!”. However that is not the case for many women in other parts of the world. It is a very sad reality that not […]

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