How’s December going for you? :)

Christmas is literally 21 days away! OMG I know.. Hope your Christmas shopping is going well.. Hmm I’ve hardly done any, just here and there.. Haha I’m the worst lol


December is such a busy month for me. I had my birthday on the 1st, whoop whoop!

Chrissy took me out to The Tuckshop.. Hmm yum! I love their chicken burgers.. I haven’t been there in ages so that was definitely a lovely treat :) Of course we went for Fro-yo afterwards..


Then on the same night, my friends & I went out for Korean food at Arisun in the city. It was very delicious having it with my passionfruit soju 😛 Seriously though I don’t think I’ve ever had bad Korean food. I must say I actually had Korean food as well with my family the night before LOL

나는 한국 음식을 좋아한다 



My lovely friend Tina surprised me with a ticket to see Sia a few months ago. I can’t believe it’s actually here!! Best birthday pressie ever! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MISS TINA :)

It was raining pretty much the entire night.. Thank God we decided to wear hats instead of bows..We may or may not have dressed up for the occasion lol

Anything for you, Sia 😀

Although it was such a wet night, she was so worth it! I love Sia’s creativity with her shows. It was just amazing & like no other!!

Tina & I were literally on our feet for 7+ hours that night. There was a train track issue at one of the stations which caused major delays.. Both of us waited for our train for over an hour! We joked about the night now saying that if we have now developed new leg muscles.. Haha..

Here’s a short video of Sia’s Nostalgic For The Present Tour at Allianz Stadium.. My favourite part is at the end singing with everyone at the Stadium.. Ahh someone please take me back :)

I hope you’ve been well.. I just wanted to say a quick hello during this festive season!

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would let you know that my cutoff date will be on Dec 11. I want to make sure we have enough time to finalise your photo card. My plan is to have you send out your gorgeous photo cards before Christmas.. YES! Wouldn’t that be nice? 😀

Anyway feel free to message me if you need any help with your photo cards..