Life before smartphones were invented, I still remember the days of snail mails & Internet cafes. I loved the feeling of sealing an envelope, dropping it off at the post office & knowing it will arrive at my friend’s letterbox in a few weeks!

The excitement of receiving a letter in the mail was simply precious! Internet cafes on the other hand, I don’t remember how much time a gold coin could get me on the internet but it was enough for me to check heartwarming emails from friends & family like receiving photos of my new born baby cousin back in 2003! :’)

When my friends & I first discovered Whatsapp a few years back, I seriously felt like they were living just streets away from me instead of oceans away in another country. I guess because we were texting instead of using skype or emailing as a form of communication.

I love technology because it has brought my overseas friends closer to me like never before.

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Credit: Taylr Anne

On the other hand, Technology has ruined the times we have with each other when we are actually together.. It saddens me even just writing this right now!

You know that excitement inside of you when you first met with them again after so many years & you hugged & talked for a few minutes, then there it goes as they pull out their phones & start texting. I’ve never felt so distant before even though they are only sitting on the other side of the table. However I’m guilty of doing it sometimes therefore in no way I’m judging anyone here.

So what is going on with this world!? We feel so connected with one another on our phones yet we feel so disconnected with each other when we are sitting around the same table. It seems like the young people in this generation are such experts in communicating online rather with actual human beings. I wonder where technology will take us in the coming years.