One of my favourite DIY projects would be making greeting cards for my loved ones!

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved making my own cards for my family and I’ve always enjoyed the process from designing it to seeing the card in my friend’s hands!

Seeing that Mother’s Day is only around the corner, I know some of you would be looking for some pretty cards for your beloved mummy (that’s what I call mine anyway :P)!

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards Template

What you’ll need to make these cards:

-A ruler
-A pair of scissors
-A scoring board (optional)
-A thick card
-An envelope (I love the rustic Kraft ones!)

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards Template

Once you trim the card out of the template, you will need to score in the middle so the card can be folded nicely.

If you don’t have a scoring board, that’s all good!
You can easily measure the card in half & just use a ruler to make a mark to fold later.

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards Template

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards Template

I came up with 3 different Mother’s Day card designs and for the life of me couldn’t decide which one to go with. SO I thought I’d just let you guys pick your favourite one hehe..

You can download the Free Printables here:

Love You
Happy Mother’s Day
Best Mum Ever

What did you think about these Mother’s Day cards?
I would love to know which one you decided to use!