Dream Wedding at GrowWild Wildflower Farm

When I say dream wedding.. I mean DREAM WEDDING! Everything from start to finish was what a lot of girls would want for their wedding day. If anyone could pull off a dream wedding like this, it would be the one & only Irene. The fearless girl whom I have the privilege of knowing for years [...]

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One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2017

You know those 45 degree days where all you want to do is be in the pool with a cold drink in your hand!? Well one of the hottest weekends happened to be One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2017 as well & I honestly don't know how we all survived! I think it must have been the [...]

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Greenery Wedding Decoration Ideas | Wedding Trends 2017

If you are not the biggest fan for bright & colourful flowers, perhaps this year's wedding trend is for you! Think luscious greenery & minimalistic decor. Yup Pantone colour of the year is Greenery so let's see how you can stay on trend in this wedding season! Here are a few greenery wedding inspiration & decoration ideas to [...]

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Hunter Valley Wedding at Ironbark Hill Vineyard

The moment I receive the photos from a bride, my mind can't help but immerse myself into their special day! (I know, I'm strange like that..) I guess that's how I really put my creativity to work & I don't ever want to take this opportunity for granted. Receiving this lovely message from Dominique last [...]

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One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2016

If you asked me a year ago about being a vendor at a wedding fair, I would have said "yes maybe in the future"! Who would have thought that the day I randomly applied (well I thought I would try my luck!) & GOT IN! If you read my previous blog post, I received the application of approval [...]

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Beach Wedding at Long Reef Golf Club

August 3rd was beautiful Tonya & Kieran's special day! They had their beach wedding at Long Reef Golf Club, Collaroy Beach & it was a lovely drive that took just over an hour for me. When I got out of the car, I was blown away by its beauty & yup the wind too! I got asked to speak [...]

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DIY Bridal Shower Gift for the Bride

Phoebe & I spent some time thinking what to get Tonya for her bridal shower. We wanted to get her something that is memorable & special. We wanted to get her something personal. We came up with a DIY idea to put together a cute lingerie pack. Needless to say we both really enjoyed this [...]

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Who Should I Invite To My Wedding?

A few years back when 2 of my friends (in their early 20s) were getting married & they were good friends with a lot of people so they had trouble deciding who they should invite to their wedding. As much as they want to invite every single one of them there, it was simply not [...]

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Cutest Engagement Photo Idea You Wish You Knew Before Your Wedding

A lot of couples take engagement photos because it is the thing to do! Although there is no harm in dressing up, having fun & getting some photos taken as a couple but what do you do with all those photos after the session? Other than it being a beautiful memory for the two of [...]

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Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Invitations

I love when my friends send me postcards from all over the world. Postcards get me very excited because when I look at the photo, I feel like I’m right next to them admiring the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” & I think it is so true! [...]

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