9 Pretty Floral Bridesmaid Dresses You Will Swoon Over

With the increase of floral dresses appearing in store lately, it looks like we will be seeing more of that in the wedding setting. Totally not complaining about it. Let's be honest.. What's not to love about a pretty maxi floral dress!? It's so bright [...]

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Yay or Nay to Having a Puppy at Your Wedding?

I did a poll on my Facebook page the other day about this particular question - Yay or Nay? Would you have a pup at your wedding? The result came down to 80% YAY and 20% NAY. I guess that tells you how much people [...]

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3 Ways To Get Your RSVP Back For Your Wedding

When this bride was telling me how she plans to receive the RSVP for her wedding, I realised that I NEED to write a blog post about it. Her intention was good but she was making it very complicated for herself & she didn't even know it at the [...]

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The BEST Rustic Wedding Photo Thank You Cards You Have Ever Seen

After having the most beautiful rustic wedding filled with lace & twine, dolly, kraft paper on the day.. You're probably looking for wedding thank you cards that are a little bit different. Something a bit special that you can send to your friends & family. Perhaps a photo [...]

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Rose Gold Wedding at Mountain View Manor | Rebecca & Kevin

I remember seeing this rose gold bridesmaid dress on Instagram & I was like OMG this is out of this world!! I want it so badly lol It was a stunning dress covered with beautiful rose gold sequins. Little did I know that years later, I [...]

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5 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Inspired Thank You Card Ideas

Can't believe it's been a few years already since my friend Stefie tied the knot with her love Torstein in Bali. I couldn't make it to her beach wedding that year but it was so lovely to see all the stunning photos from her special [...]

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OMG! You Will LOVE These Floral Wedding Thank You Cards!

So many brides have been swooning over these floral wedding thank you cards so I know you will fall in love with them too. They all had slightly different types of flowers for their floral wedding. I'm sure you can find one that suits your kind of [...]

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Brides Are Going CRAZY For These Elopement Announcements

Did you just run away to say your I DOs? Was it New Zealand? Alaska? Wherever it was.. Coming back from your elopement with just the two of you, you are probably looking to tell the world that - yup you guys just did it! Time to [...]

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3 Things You Should Do while Waiting for Your Engagement Photos

Perhaps your wedding photographer have sent you some sneak peeks of your engagement shoot & you've been so eager to get all your professional photos back. Your amazing wedding photographer is probably still sorting & editing away.. Don't rush them! You want your photos to be perfect, right? In [...]

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Stunning Floral Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

In love with flowers? Why not surround yourself with the most beautiful flowers at your wedding..!? There are seriously so many things you can incorporate the touch of flowers on your special day; from your ceremony, photoshoot, reception to send off. Here are just a few stunning floral wedding [...]

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