A21 Walk for Freedom Sydney Australia 2016

October 15th 2016 was a significant day for many people in the world as they decided to be a voice for the voiceless. Walk for Freedom is an initiative hosted by The A21 Campaign to make aware of the modern-day slavery issue happening all over the world. Every participants [...]

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A21 Masquerade Ball

My friends & I were invited to a Masquerade Ball last night & its purpose is to fundraise for The A21 Campaign & raise awareness for the issue of modern day slavery.  It was an experience to sit amongst people who learnt the reality of human [...]

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Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere

I love my job. I love designing wedding invites. I love the moment when I open your lovely photo & all I could say is "awww one day that will be me!". However that is not the case for many women in other parts of [...]

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