22 Super Cute Love Quotes and Sayings (with FREE Digital Downloads)

Ahh I'm a sucker for cute love quotes and sayings. You may have seen some of these quotes on my instagram but I've specifically redesigned these big enough so you [...]

Sia’s Nostalgic For The Present Tour at Allianz Stadium

How's December going for you? :) Christmas is literally 21 days away! OMG I know.. Hope your Christmas shopping is going well.. Hmm I've hardly done any, just here and [...]

Don’t Worry, Be Hopey

Have you been feeling worried about something lately!? Is it your family, exams, assignments, work situation or perhaps direction in life? Whatever it is, God has it all under control. [...]

Do you like the person in the mirror?

Are you happy with YOU? If you are not happy with you, why is that? Your heavenly Father adores you and He is so proud of you. In fact, you [...]

My First Ever Interview By WePlanr | Vivian Yeung, For the Love of Stationery

I must say I'm rather guilty for checking my phone first thing in the morning but the "WePlanr Tagged You In A Post" notification really made my morning. I've been eager to read the interview [...]

One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2017

You know those 45 degree days where all you want to do is be in the pool with a cold drink in your hand!? Well one of the hottest weekends happened to [...]

One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2016

If you asked me a year ago about being a vendor at a wedding fair, I would have said "yes maybe in the future"! Who would have thought that the day I randomly [...]

Your Calling is Calling

Yay I finally got a call from an organization whom I've tried contacting since last year to partner with. For the Love of Stationery was still pretty new then but [...]


What a wonderful day filled with laughter & awesome selfies! It was my first time going to Unconvention and I don't think it will be my last. I've loved meeting like-minded [...]

Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Looking at this journal, it brings me back to last year when I first launched For the Love of Stationery. This is one of the first journals we had in [...]