Life Before Smartphones..

Life before smartphones were invented, I still remember the days of snail mails & Internet cafes. I loved the feeling of sealing an envelope, dropping it off at the post office & knowing it will arrive at my friend's letterbox in a few weeks! The excitement of receiving a letter in the mail was simply precious! Internet [...]

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Express Yourself

"Unexpressed love is no love at all" - What a powerful statement from Chad Veach. How often do we hide our love for others because we've either been hurt in the past or too scared to do so. We were never called to build our lives based on our feelings but the word of God. [...]

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Spring it On!

It was the perfect spring day for an outdoor coffee date.. well chocolate for me ;P The sun was shinning with my favourite bare trees looking beautiful as always haha.. More than that, I’ve enjoyed catching up with the people I love so much! Although it was only a short one, they still made me [...]

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Your Calling is Calling

Yay I finally got a call from an organization whom I've tried contacting since last year to partner with. For the Love of Stationery was still pretty new then but my heart has always wanted to do something with them. I'm so over the moon & I cannot wait to tell you more about it [...]

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Meet Jack Delosa from The Entourage - He's so down to earth & one heck of a passionate guy! What a wonderful day filled with laughter & awesome selfies! It was my first time going to Unconvention & I don't think it will be my last. I've loved meeting like-minded people & talk about all [...]

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Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Looking at this journal, it brings me back to last year when I first launched For the Love of Stationery. This is one of the first journals we had in store & I still use it everyday (only a few more pages left! Ahh..). I LOVE it because it is a constant reminder for me [...]

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What Makes You Feel Both Terrified & Amazing!?

For me, it was giving up a few things in my life & starting For the Love of Stationery! It hasn’t been easy but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I’ve learned so much throughout this journey & to be honest, I’m still learning everyday. It has also been the people [...]

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