Beach Wedding at Long Reef Golf Club

August 3rd was beautiful Tonya & Kieran's special day! They had their beach wedding at Long Reef Golf Club, Collaroy Beach & it was a lovely drive that took just over an hour for me. When I got out [...]

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DIY Bridal Shower Gift for the Bride

Phoebe & I spent some time thinking what to get Tonya for her bridal shower. We wanted to get her something that is memorable & special. We wanted to get her something personal. We came [...]

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Malinka & Josh’s Bollywood Themed Engagement Party

I've always wanted to go to a Bollywood themed wedding. Well guess what!? Yay I finally went to one a few weeks ago!!! It was an engagement party but it literally felt like an actual wedding! [...]

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Who Should I Invite To My Wedding?

A few years back when 2 of my friends (in their early 20s) were getting married & they were good friends with a lot of people so they had trouble deciding who they should invite [...]

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Cutest Engagement Photo Idea You Wish You Knew Before Your Wedding

A lot of couples take engagement photos because it is the thing to do! Although there is no harm in dressing up, having fun & getting some photos taken as a couple but what do [...]

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