5 Reasons Why You Should Really Elope

To elope or not to elope!? If you're stressed out about planning the perfect wedding, elopement is awesome for the adventurous couples who want to break out of the traditional way of getting married! It is for the ones [...]

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Dream Wedding at GrowWild Wildflower Farm

When I say dream wedding.. I mean DREAM WEDDING! Everything from start to finish was what a lot of girls would want for their wedding day. If anyone could pull off a dream wedding like this, [...]

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Turn Your Selfies Into Wedding Invitations

If you're not looking to get professional engagement photos done, that's all good. Your wedding invitations can still look absolutely amazing! Have you thought about using what you already have on your phone? Perhaps a selfie [...]

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One Fine Day Wedding Fairs 2017

You know those 45 degree days where all you want to do is be in the pool with a cold drink in your hand!? Well one of the hottest weekends happened to be One Fine Day Wedding [...]

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Greenery Wedding Decoration Ideas | Wedding Trends 2017

If you are not the biggest fan for bright & colourful flowers, perhaps this year's wedding trend is for you! Think luscious greenery & minimalistic decor. Yup Pantone colour of the year is Greenery so let's see [...]