Cutest Engagement Photo Idea You Wish You Knew Before Your Wedding

A lot of couples take engagement photos because it is the thing to do! Although there is no harm in dressing up, having fun & getting some photos taken as a couple but what do [...]

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Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Invitations

I love when my friends send me postcards from all over the world. Postcards get me very excited because when I look at the photo, I feel like I’m right next to them admiring the [...]

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How To Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special?

I believe that a wedding should be significant rather than extravagant. Yes it is about two people finding each other & deciding to commit to one another for the rest of their life. It is [...]

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Life Before Smartphones..

Life before smartphones were invented, I still remember the days of snail mails & Internet cafes. I loved the feeling of sealing an envelope, dropping it off at the post office & knowing it will arrive at [...]

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Express Yourself

"Unexpressed love is no love at all" - What a powerful statement from Chad Veach. How often do we hide our love for others because we've either been hurt in the past or too scared [...]

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Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere

I love my job. I love designing wedding invites. I love the moment when I open your lovely photo & all I could say is "awww one day that will be me!". However that is [...]

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Spring it On!

It was the perfect spring day for an outdoor coffee date.. well chocolate for me ;P The sun was shinning with my favourite bare trees looking beautiful as always haha.. More than that, I’ve enjoyed [...]

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Your Calling is Calling

Yay I finally got a call from an organization whom I've tried contacting since last year to partner with. For the Love of Stationery was still pretty new then but my heart has always wanted [...]

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Meet Jack Delosa from The Entourage - He's so down to earth & one heck of a passionate guy! What a wonderful day filled with laughter & awesome selfies! It was my first time going [...]

Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Looking at this journal, it brings me back to last year when I first launched For the Love of Stationery. This is one of the first journals we had in store & I still use [...]

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