October 15th 2016 was a significant day for many people in the world as they decided to be a voice for the voiceless. Walk for Freedom is an initiative hosted by The A21 Campaign to make aware of the modern-day slavery issue happening all over the world.

Every participants were to walk in a single line in silence & some countries had black tape across their mouths to emphasise the message. “The walk exists to reflect A21’s heart for freedom and justice, and it is ultimately designed to turn awareness into action.”, says A21.

A few of my friends & I did it together as we strongly believe that we cannot do everything, but we must do something. We volunteered for the event & each of us were assigned to different roles.

Being in partnership with The A21 Campaign, I was eager to help wherever they needed me. Although film production was an area where I have very little experience with, I truly hope that I’ve helped them somehow.

As the day was winding down, we were asked to interview people from the crowd & it was so amazing to meet a lady who brought 12+ people with her. Everyone from her group enjoyed themselves & hoped that they have made a difference in the city.

What really made my day was a group of young families who came to do the walk with their kids (mostly in prams) & they are determine to do this every year to help raise awareness. Such an incredible group of people!

A21 Walk For Freedom Sydney Australia 2016

Here’a short video of how the day went. 3.8km walk in the heart of Sydney Australia. It was an honour to be able to do this for myself & For the Love of Stationery as a partnership.

Whether you are an individual or company that want to support this cause, you are not too small or big to make a difference.

A21 Walk For Freedom Sydney Australia 2016

There are more slaves today than ever before in human history

Dear bride, if you are reading this, you can make a difference by choosing to use our save the dates, wedding invitations & thank you cards. You can be a part of abolishing human trafficking.

Thank you for the 1000+ brides from all over the world that have helped us so far! :)