Can’t believe it’s been a few years already since my friend Stefie tied the knot with her love Torstein in Bali. I couldn’t make it to her beach wedding that year but it was so lovely to see all the stunning photos from her special day. Evermotion Photography did such a wonderful job capturing their love.

Today I thought I would put together a few beach wedding inspired thank you cards to make your day. I’m so in love with the different shades of blue across all these thank you cards.

P.S. I love a good beach wedding. The thought of not having to wear heels all day long makes me feel happy 😀 I guess that means I don’t have an excuse to not dance haha..

Anyways.. here you go, 5 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Inspired Thank You Card Ideas For You:

1, Hannah + Chris

If you are thinking to write your own thank you message, this is just perfect! Of course it’s important to have a photo that gives you a decent amount of space to write on. I absolutely adore this “blue space”.

However if you really don’t have a photo that is quite spacious (if that’s the right word lol), we can always make the photo more transparent so you can still write on it. Don’t worry, we will make it work for you!

thank you card wording ideas for guests who didn't attend

Photo credit: Blue Media Weddings

2, Kristy + Matthew

So many brides have loved how simple & lovely this thank you card looks. It totally shouts “nothing fancy, just love” letting the photo do all the talking. And because why not hey when your photographer has done such a wonderful job..!?

Beach Wedding Thank You Cards Inspiration

Photo credit: iFloyd Photography

3, Torstein + Stefie

This is one of my favourite beach wedding thank you card designs. I don’t know why but its brush lettering really gives a feeling of boldness & it’s just beautiful when it comes to celebrating love.

Beach Wedding Inspired Thank You Cards For the Love of Stationery Evermotion Photography
Photo credit: Evermotion Photography

4, Vic + Dan

Aww this has to be the cutest thank you card ever! I mean how could you not like it when there are puppies involved. Hmm puppies at a wedding? Always a good idea I say.. With a similar approach as the first example, there is a lovely space up the top to include a thank you message.

Stunning Beach Wedding Thank You Cards

Photo credit: Mark Conte Photography

5, Jimmy + Renee

Because sometimes you simply can’t pick one photo from your wedding to make a thank you card for your guests. Too many great memories from one day.. Perhaps you can pick 4 of your favourite photos to highlight your special day!

*Of course we also have options for up to 6-8 photos as well. Chat with me today!

Wedding Thank You Card Ideas
Photo credit: Matthew Mead Photography

So what did you think about these beach wedding inspired thank you cards?

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Featured Photo: Evermotion Photography | Beach Wedding Thank You Cards : For the Love of Stationery