Perhaps your wedding photographer have sent you some sneak peeks of your engagement shoot & you’ve been so eager to get all your professional photos back. Your amazing wedding photographer is probably still sorting & editing away.. Don’t rush them! You want your photos to be perfect, right?

In the meantime, there are 3 things you can do while waiting for your engagement photos! Something to do to kill time now & save you time later..

1. Find an amazing wedding invitation design

Something that suits you guys as a couple. Something that both of you agree on. Something that will work perfectly with your engagement photos. You may not have the high quality photos yet but I’m sure your photographer would have sent you some sneak peeks!

Or you can go back to the day of your engagement shoot.. Close your eyes & imagine what it will look like with your photos.. 😛

If you’re looking for any wedding invitations that have a sense of personal touch, here’s a few popular designs LOVED by real brides.

Rustic Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas

Photo credit: Katherine Garcia

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Photos Sydney Australia

For the Love of Stationery Reviews Best Etsy Seller

Minimalistic Simple Wedding Invitations For the Love of Stationery
Best Wedding Invitations Sydney Australia For the Love of Stationery
Photo credit: Kim Jin Hong

Faux Gold Foil Wedding Invitations For the Love of Stationery Serenity Photography
Best Etsy Seller Wedding Invitations Jenna For the Love of Stationery
Photo credit: Serenity Photography

2. Get your numbers right

Just because you are inviting 100 guests, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to send out 100 invitations.

Wait what!?

Yes that’s right.. The reason being is that out of the 100 guests; some are couples & families. You can invite a couple or a family with one invitation set.

By the sound of it, you may only need like half of that number (from your guest list).

Weddin Invitation with Photos We Decided On Forever For the Love of Stationery
Best Etsy Seller Wedding Invitations Kelsey For the Love of Stationery
Photo credit: Shutter Bloom Photography

Best Wedding Invitation with Photos
Photo credit: Rebecca Anne Photography

Just in case anything happens though.. Be sure to order a few extra cards! 5-10 extra invitation sets sound about right..

You never know if Mary can’t make it, you may want to invite John instead to fill that empty seat.

3. Address the envelopes

Some of you may be getting your envelopes from your wedding invitation vendor, this is the best time to compile the addresses from your guests & put them into an Excel sheet.
Trust me, it will make your life so much easier. You can colourcode the ones you’ve already done.

If you are using your own envelopes then you can pretty much start addressing them & putting those stamps on.

Pour yourself a glass of wine & make this a fun activity for yourself (and your hubby-to-be! Get him to help you :D). It may be a bit overwhelming looking at your guest list.. However it’s only stressful if you make it to be. Why not put your favourite Netflix show on in the background while you address the envelopes?

Guess what!? That means you can send your wedding invitations out as soon as they are done! Not having everything piled up at the same time sounds like a great idea to me 😛

Addressed Envelopes Wedding

There you have it, 3 things you should do while waiting for your engagement photos so you can kill time now & save you time later!

What did you think about that? I’d love to know what you think! :)

Featured Photo: Kim Jin Hong | Wedding Invitations: For the Love of Stationery